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Mission Statement

missionChildLine aims to ensure that children in Trinidad & Tobago live in an environment free from physical, emotional, sexual and psychological violence.

It aims to provide access to quality and confidential psychosocial counseling, life skills information, including sexual reproductive health and HIV, as well as referral to specialized services. To this end we continue develop and implement systems, programmes and projects alone or in conjunction with other organizations in public and private sectors to prevent, alleviate and stop violence from occurring. We cooperate with national, regional and international organizations whose aims support those of ChildLine and through them contribute to building a culture of peace, love and understanding in Trinidad & Tobago.

ChildLine is the only telephone helpline dedicated to children, adolescents and young adults.

That’s right, YOU!


We understand how hard it is to talk about your feelings with someone, so we have taken steps to make you feel comfortable when you call:


  • All calls are 100% FREE. It doesn’t cost you, your parents or guardians anything!
  • All calls are confidential—100% private. No one has to know you called us unless you tell them.
  • ChildLine is open 24 hours a day, every day of the year. We are here whenever you need us, day or night.


Who can use ChildLine?

Anybody under the age of 25 is welcome to call and:
  • Ask questions you may not want to ask your friends or parents
  • Get advice
  • Get help to find ways to talk to your parents
  • Simply to have someone to talk to

ChildLine is not here to take the place of your parents, friends or the people you usually go to when you need help. We are simply another option.

Adults over the age of 25 are also welcome to call us to get help for the young people in your life.


How does calling ChildLine work?

Simply dial 131 or 800-4321

Together, you and the listener talk about your concerns and try to find solutions.

If necessary, the listener can give you information about other places to get help


How can ChildLine help you?

We will listen to you and give you the support and counseling you need.

Some reasons you might call us are if you:

  • Have problems talking with parents or siblings
  • Are being bullied at school
  • Are being physically, sexually or emotionally abused
  • Need help for a friend
  • Are pregnant
  • Feel depressed or alone
  • Are having difficulties coping with problems
  • Just need someone to talk to

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