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Conflict Management

Have you ever gotten into an argument or fight with someone?  Or had a quarrel with your best friend?  If you have, then you have experienced conflict.   Conflict is the disagreement between two or more persons who have different views. There are so many reasons why conflict may occur, and many different ways in…
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Deliberate Self Harm

What is Self Harm? Helmets, seatbelts, firemen....what do these things have in common? Well, they all protect us from harm.  We all try to protect ourselves and avoid things that are harmful to us. Sometimes, though, people may do things that are dangerous with the intention of causing harm and pain to themselves.  This is…
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What is Depression? There is nothing wrong with feeling sad and down sometimes. In fact, most of us feel ‘out of it’ at some point in time or another. These feelings are normal.  Things like an argument with a friend, a breakup, doing poorly on a test, or a best friend moving away can lead…
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Having Respect Having respect means treating yourself, others and even the environment with kindness and consideration. It means taking care of yourself, and being aware of how your actions affect others. Respect is like a boomerang- if you throw respect out at the world, it will come right back to you. If you do not…
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