ChildLine aims to ensure that children in Trinidad & Tobago live in an environment free from physical, emotional, sexual and psychological violence.


In addition to our 24 hour helpline, ChildLine also provides outreach services to primary and secondary schools, youth groups, PTAs and other institutions

ChildLine Helpline WE'RE HERE TO HELP

ChildLine is a proactive response to the needs of children and young persons. It is a free, confidential, telephone helpline and listening service for children and young persons in trouble or danger or who simply need someone to talk to.

How can ChildLine help?

We will listen to you and give you the support and counseling you need. ChildLine is not here to take the place of your parents, friends or the people you usually go to when you need help. We are simply another option. Some reasons you might call us are if you:

  • Have problems talking with parents or siblings
  • Are being bullied at school
  • Are being physically, sexually or emotionally abused
  • Are pregnant
  • Feel depressed or alone
  • Are having difficulties coping with problems
  • Just need someone to talk to

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