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Risk of Abuse

What makes me more likely to get abused? I DO NOT cause myself to become a victim of abuse.  Abuse occurs in many forms and by many persons.  The person who abuses does not look a certain way, so he/she could be anyone you pass on the street, in your community or someone on television. …
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Sexual Abuse

What is Sexual Abuse? Sexual abuse is any kind of unwanted sexual contact. It could be that you are being touched in a way that you do not like, you are forced to have sex, you have to watch someone do something sexual, you have to touch another person in a way that makes you…
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Verbal Abuse

What is Verbal Abuse? Verbal abuse is when someone uses words to cause harm to feelings of the person they are speaking to. It may take many forms and the harm caused is often difficult to measure. The most popularly used form of verbal abuse is name-calling. Verbal abuse also includes shouting, insulting, intimidating, threatening,…
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