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Parenting and Parent Child Relationship The parent-child relationship consists of a combination of behaviours, feelings and expectations that are unique to a parent and his or her child. This relationship varies from child to child. Close relationships with parents have also been associated with positive outcomes for teenagers such as better progress in school and…
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Partner Relationships

Partner Relationship The teenage years for many is a time that people get involved in their first relationships. While having a girlfriend or boyfriend might be exciting and fun, teens often feel confused about relationships. It is important to stay safe and happy whether or not you decide to become involved in a relationship.  …
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Problems with Friends

Friendships Friendships are a type of relationship. Lasting friendships are built on: Trust Communication Respect Common interests   Sometimes we become upset if our usual friend plays with or talks to other children in school or in the neighbourhood. We might feel like our friend has abandoned us. We might not know why they aren’t…
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