Outreach Services


In addition to our 24 hour helpline, ChildLine also provides outreach services to primary and secondary schools, youth groups, PTAs and other institutions such as St. Jude’s Home for Girls and YTC.  One goal of these outreach services, which are offered free of charge, is to sensitize the public, especially our target group of children and young people, to the availability of the helpline.  In this way, students are aware that a safe place to get help exists just for them!





workshopOur outreach officers conduct workshops with children, young people, teachers and parents to empower them with the knowledge necessary to cope, overcome and avoid certain difficult situations, as well as get help.  Several media are integrated into presentations such as power point, discussion and activities, in an effort to maximize effectiveness.  Topics covered in workshops include Self Esteem, Conflict and Anger Management, Respect, Bullying, Exam Stress, Motivation, HIV/AIDS, Parenting Styles, Rights of the Child and Child Abuse among many others.

Through our outreach services, we fulfil the roles of educator and helper to our nation’s children and young people, while enhancing our relationship with the various communities of our country.

To request ChildLine workshops, please send an e-mail to: childlineoutreachtt@gmail.com

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