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  1. You can attempt any of the 3 sections in any order.
  2. Please attempt ALL questions.
  3. Please ensure your name and correct email address is added at the end of the assessment.

Tap or click the section header to attempt that section. Review your answers when complete.

Section 1: Multiple Choice.
Please choose the correct answer.

1. A child is said to be in need of care and protection where the child is:
a. ill-treated or neglected in a manner likely to cause him/her suffering or injury to health
b. destitute or is wandering without any settled place of abode and without visible means of subsistence
c. is lost but had not been abandoned by his/her parent or guardian
d. is found loitering for the purpose of begging or receiving alms

8. Return to Happiness (RTH) is a psychosocial recovery program for children who have experienced the trauma of natural disasters, conflicts or violence. It is important therapists, volunteers and others within the program communicate with children by:
a. Mastering the art of Socratic questioning. This means that instead of expressing facts or lecturing, ask a question to stimulate the child's own reasoning process.
b. By being clear, concise and keeping information age appropriate.
c. By creating an atmosphere of acceptance, explain who we are, what we do, the reasons for being with them, always showing respect and empathy towards the children.
d. Look at the child to see if he/she feels distressed or needs consoling and talk to him/her and give him/her what he/she needs. Do it in a way that makes the child feel comfortable.

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