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ChildLine Ambassador Programme (CAP)

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The Ambassador Programme seeks to expand ChildLine’s presence in schools by introducing a program aimed at developing critical life skills such as communication, team-work and fostering leadership qualities in our nation’s youth.

Upon meeting the specified criteria, Ambassadors may receive a certificate of participation and a badge.

ChildLine has a strong presence at schools in Trinidad and Tobago primarily through the facilitation of workshops.   The organization sought to expand that presence by establishing ChildLine Ambassador Coordinators and Ambassadors at schools throughout the country.


The ChildLine Ambassador Program is an initiative aimed at

  1. enhancing the detection and response to children in need of support and intervention
  2. increasing the level of general support available to our children and young people


How can I Become a Member?


The selection process will be carried out over a period of two weeks.  Ambassadors should be open-minded, respectful, kind, unbiased and helpful; demonstrate leadership qualities and follow the school rules. Generally, students are nominated and classes are given the opportunity to vote for the Ambassadors.

For secondary schools, there should be one Ambassador per Form.  The Ambassador Representative for each Form should be from the respective grade.  In the event that there is more than one class per Form, there will be an Ambassador selected from each class.  Ambassadors may be selected from Forms 3 and 4.

For primary schools, Ambassadors may only be selected from Standards 3 and 4.  A total of seven Ambassadors should be chosen from these two grades, each of whom will be assigned one grade level to represent, from the First Year to Standard Five classes.


Elected Ambassadors will form a team, and the students elected to represent the Standard 4 and Form 5 classes will function as the Coordinator.


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