ChildLine can be accessed by calling 800-4321 or 131. This is at no cost to the caller – the service is FREE. All calls are anonymous and confidential.

The emphasis at ChildLine is not on solving children’s problems for them. Rather, we focus on providing callers with a safe, virtual space in which they can ventilate feelings and receive support from someone who believes what they say without being judgmental or prejudiced. Many of the children who telephone ChildLine have never before spoken to anyone about their situations. We provide an opportunity for their first disclosure and for the psychological support of which they are in need. We help link children with family members and other persons from whom they can receive help.

ChildLine provides front line intervention. At the end of a call, most callers are satisfied with the result and are able to move forward on their own. Callers are always encouraged to find support within their own families and social networks, such as an aunt, godparent, teacher or religious leader, and to call ChildLine again if they feel the need. Callers are also given contact information for other places where they can find help or any other information they need.


In addition to our 24 hour helpline, ChildLine also provides outreach services to primary and secondary schools, youth groups, PTAs and other institutions such as St. Jude’s Home for Girls and YTC.  One goal of these outreach services, which are offered free of charge, is to sensitize the public, especially our target group of children and young people, to the availability of the helpline.  In this way, students are aware that a safe place to get help exists just for them!


Our outreach officers conduct workshops with children, young people, teachers and parents to empower them with the knowledge necessary to cope, overcome and avoid certain difficult situations, as well as get help.  Several media are integrated into presentations such as PowerPoint, discussion and activities, in an effort to maximize effectiveness.  Topics covered in workshops include Self Esteem, Conflict and Anger Management, Respect, Bullying, Exam Stress, Motivation, HIV/AIDS, Parenting Styles, Rights of the Child and Child Abuse among many others.

Through our outreach services, we fulfil the roles of educator and helper to our nation’s children and young people, while enhancing our relationship with the various communities of our country.

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ChildLine is people helping people

ChildLine is made up of a team of listeners who respond to the needs and concerns of callers. All our listeners receive specialized training and are supervised.

ChildLine has formed links and partnerships with organizations such as Families in Action, Rape Crisis Society and Rainbow Rescue. We also collaborate with the Community Police. Childline has partnered with the Ministry of the People and Social Development and the Ministry of Education to provide the National Student Hotline Service.

We also work closely with other stakeholders such as 800-Save and Children’s Homes including homes for pregnant teenagers, throughout the country.

ChildLine – We Hear… We Care!