Welcome to ChildLine Trinidad and Tobago

ChildLine is an NGO dedicated to the welfare and protection of all children and young persons in Trinidad and Tobago.

Want to request in-person counselling?

We offer free and confidential counselling for children and persons 25 years and under. When conducted in person, all sessions will be done in accordance with COVID-19 health and safety guidelines.

Want to request tele counselling?

Our usual counselling services are also available via telephone for children and persons 25 years and under. All sessions are free and confidential as always! Call us at 800-4321 or 131 to request an appointment!

Need to talk but don't want to call?

Our live webchat is available from 8am to 8pm every day! Right here on the website!

Free Helpline Service

Call 131 or 800-4321 

Available anytime, any day.

Free live chat

Private, 1-on-1, FREE chat service. Speak to one of our listeners today.

Mobile app

Free 1-tap calling, fast access to chat, counselling, games, resources and more

Healthy habits to prevent childhood obesity

It’s not typically a good idea to focus on weight loss in young children as their bodies are still developing. They should never be put on a weight loss diet unless it is recommended and guided by a physician. Putting your child on a diet to lose weight may restrict the nutrients they need to allow for healthy growth and development.

Helping children deal with nightmares

Most nightmares are harmless in the long run and are just an unpleasant part of growing up. Most of their irrational fears will go away over time or they will learn to manage them on their own. However, some nightmares can be a symptom of a greater problem in the child’s life.

Are video games good for you?

Video games can give us a sense of accomplishment, social interaction, and the ability to immerse ourselves in a whole new world. No matter what though, anything that’s good for you can be unhealthy if done too often or if it prevents you from living a normal life.

Why is it so hard to control your emotions?

Being a teenager is sometimes difficult, no matter what everyone else says. Your teenage years are a confusing and stressful period where you may feel immense pressure to learn about yourself and figure out your future. You might be experiencing puberty, peer pressure, bullying, rejection, struggling to maintain your grades or even trying to preserve your mental health in general.

Are you and your parents just too different to get along?

As a child or a teenager, it may sometimes feel like your parents live in a whole different world than yours. Maybe they can’t understand the things you like, your beliefs, why you make the friends that you do, or why you struggle with certain things that they didn’t when they were your age. In addition to personality differences, this is often because of a generational gap between a parent and their child.

How are you feeling today?

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Workshops and webinars

Dealing with Exam Stress and SEA

For SEA students, this webinar is intended to provide techniques for exam preparation, time management, and stress relief. For parents, this webinar will provide the strategies for supporting their children through the process from preparation to coping with the results.

My ChildLine App: Creative Video Competition

ChildLine gladly invites you to take part in the My ChildLine App Creative Video Competition! To enter the competition, persons are kindly asked to create a video using the guidelines provided.

ChildLine Virtual Ambassador Program

Register for this program to develop interpersonal, communication and leadership skills through training sessions and peer support/mediation!

Become a ChildLine volunteer today. It’s a rewarding experience.

The ChildLine difference

ChildLine Ambassador Programme

The Ambassador Programme seeks to expand ChildLine’s presence in schools by introducing a program aimed at developing critical life skills such as communication, team-work and fostering leadership qualities in our nation’s youth.

Return to Happiness Programme

Return to Happiness (RTH) is a psychosocial recovery program developed by UNICEF for children who have experienced trauma from disaster, conflict or violence. 

Help for children on the move

Children on the move are vulnerable to a number of psychosocial trauma. ChildLine works closely with UN agencies to protect children on the move in Trinidad and Tobago. We do this by offering over-the-phone support, psychosocial counselling, and workshops with children at Child-Friendly Spaces (CFSs).

Some of our partners