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Death of a Loved One

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Death of A Loved One

The loss of a parent or close family member can be devastating to children. They need help and support so that they can move on in a healthy balanced manner. The most important thing to recognize is that every child responds to death differently. It is OK for you to deal with your loss however you feel most comfortable. You don’t have to hold in the tears just because that’s what you see your brother doing. You don’t have to cry out loudly just because that’s what you see your Aunty doing. You are an individual. You are unique and how you feel and react to your loss is perfectly “normal” for you.

Sometimes death comes as a surprise to us. Many questions may pop in to your head. You probably don’t understand why this is happening. You may be confused about the fluster of activity going on around you. Do not be afraid to ask questions. There are adults who care about you and want to help. Find a relative who is close and important to you and who you feel you can trust and ask whatever questions would help to make this strange situation more understandable to you.


With the loss of a parent or a close loved one, you may feel all types of emotions building up inside

  • You may feel shocked.
  • You might feel disbelief and confused.
  • You might feel desperate to change the situation.
  • You might feel angry that this is happening or angry at the person who died for leaving you
  • You might feel sad.
  • You might feel to get back to your regular routine before the death happened.


It is OK to feel any or all of these things.


What to do?

Be sure to express yourself. Do not bottle up or hide your emotions. Cry if you need to. Ask Questions if you need to. Talk out your emotions with a close friend or relative. You can even call ChildLine at 131 or 800-4321 and talk to us. We care. We hear your call.


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