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Sexual Attraction

Sexual exploration happens when we think about sex, talk about or have sex. It is normal to have sexual thoughts during puberty when your body is changing. Our sexuality is shaped by our desire to have intimacy with a partner. Attraction is an important part of sexuality. It can become confusing if you find yourself attracted to someone of the same sex. Sometimes during puberty these feelings of attraction to the same sex are fleeting, but sometimes it can be long lasting. Where one is consistently attracted to persons of their same sex this is called homosexuality, better known as being gay.

Being gay has nothing to do with what people tell you. It is all up to how you feel inside. Its about your emotions and your preferences and should only be shaped by your feelings and desires. You should not allow anyone, not even family to pressure you into being gay or not gay. It is a matter of personal thoughts and feelings. If you still feel confused and want someone to talk to call ChildLine at 131 or 800-4321. We care. We hear your call.