How to Talk to Children about Difficult Topics


One of the toughest jobs of being a parent or guardian is talking to your child about difficult issues.  It can seem almost impossible to put into words the really big issues, such as domestic violence, divorce, drugs, and other weighty topics. But in the age of cell phone notifications, live streaming videos, and 24-hour news coverage — when even primary school-aged children are exposed to serious stories daily — it is important to face this challenge head-on. Addressing the tough issues makes your children feel safer, strengthens your bond, and teaches them about the world.


You can register for as many days/ topics as you are able to.


1) 18 years or older.

2) A genuine commitment to improving communication with children and young adults

What you’ll learn

This web series aims to equip participants with information and guidance for communicating difficult or uncomfortable topics with children and young persons

Dates and topics

Tuesday 19th May 2020– Respect and Manners, Bullying, Crime and Violence 

Wednesday 20th May 2020– Good Touch Bad Touch, Sexual Abuse, Sex/Sexuality

 Thursday 21st May 2020– Sexually Transmitted Infections, Domestic Violence, Depression and Anxiety

Friday 22nd May 2020– Drugs/Substance Abuse, Divorce and Separation, Death, Dying and Sickness. 

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