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International Child Helpline Day 2024

  • 2 min read

ChildLine Trinidad and Tobago has been providing a secure environment for children and youths to communicate through our telephone helpline service and text-based platforms for over two decades. 

International Child Helpline Day, established in 2003, celebrates the vital work of child helplines globally. ChildLine Trinidad and Tobago is proud to be a founding member of Child Helpline International, a network spanning 142 countries and territories. Today, we want to emphasize our 24/7, toll-free, confidential helpline service accessible via telephone, web chat, and WhatsApp. Our helpline, staffed by trained mental health professionals, offers active assistance and a sympathetic ear. Unlike traditional ‘hotlines’, helplines provide a beacon of hope for children and youths who may be hesitant to share their fears, worries, and needs with family, teachers, or peers. When they have nowhere else to turn, we are here. 

On this International Child Helpline Day, we urge all children and youths to seek support, regardless of the size of their challenges. We also call on the wider community, especially the corporate sector, to help sustain these safe spaces by contributing to ChildLine. Additionally, we encourage a culture of volunteerism among young individuals, essential for providing mental health and psychosocial support through non-profit organizations. 

For more information, visit and download the My ChildLine App.

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