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Tips on How to Manage Your Anger

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Anger is a natural emotion that everybody experiences. Over the course of human history, anger has been used to mobilize the masses and is an important catalyst for social change and progress. However, if expressed without control or purpose, anger can be destructive and have negative repercussions.

Here are some tips on how you can manage your anger and allow yourself to attain your desired goals in a healthy and productive manner.

Be Aware of Time and Place

Stressful situations cannot always be avoided, however, in moments when we have direct control over how and when we can choose to respond, we must make use of those opportunities. As a result, never engage in a possibly difficult or stressful conversation with others when you’re already frustrated, irritable or tired. Instead, give yourself a few minutes to relax, calm down, and do something that you enjoy. Only then will you be better able to assess the situation and come up with the best possible solution.

Know Your Warning Signs

Are you aware of what happens to your body when you are getting angry? Does your heart pound faster? Or maybe your body tenses up? Being conscious of when you are getting angry and the level of anger that you are experiencing is one of the first steps in anger management.

Calm Yourself

Finding the most effective way to calm yourself is an important life skill. There will always be times when you feel overwhelmed; be it with anger, anxiety or fear. As a result, knowing how to calm yourself, so that you can regain control over your ability to think and make decisions is important. Try to learn breathing techniques or muscle tension release activities.

Try Action Steps

Action steps refer to any specific efforts that are done to reach personal goals, such as managing anger in a healthy and productive way. That is why when talking to someone while in a state of anger, you must:

  1. Practice active listening and;
  2. Ensure that your responses are delivered in a calm and clear manner.  

If you are experiencing difficulties managing your anger and would like support, call ChildLine’s 24/7 helpline at 800-4321 or message our 8 AM to 8 PM live webchat, available on or the My ChildLine App.

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