We apologize but we are no longer accepting participants for this workshop. Keep up to date with all the latest updates on our social media or contact us for information on our upcoming workshops.

Mental health and awareness


The coronavirus pandemic has caused a major disruption to the normal way of life for many people in Trinidad and Tobago. This is especially evident by the closure of learning institutions, some commercial enterprises and nationwide restrictions of movement as a part of the country’s Covid-19 response. As a result, a record number of children and young persons were suddenly confined to their homes, practising social distancing and burdened with the uncertainty of when things would return to normal. 



Please ensure that your full name is entered and it is spelt correctly for use on certificates etc.


You need to be between the ages of 15 to 25 for this workshop.

You must select one of two groups:
1. Group 1 Monday 8th & Tuesday 9th June 2020 OR

2. Group 2 Wednesday 10th, and Friday 12th 2020

What you’ll learn

This workshop is intended to educate and equip participants with information and strategies to be able to cope with the mental health stressors caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. Participants will learn how to respond appropriately to issues of grief & loss, anxiety & fear and depression & loneliness.

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