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Risk of Abuse

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What makes me more likely to get abused?

I DO NOT cause myself to become a victim of abuse.  Abuse occurs in many forms and by many persons.  The person who abuses does not look a certain way, so he/she could be anyone you pass on the street, in your community or someone on television.  Everyone has a different way of dealing with stress and difficult times.  Some people may hit you, shout at you, not help you or even neglect you.  But what is it that makes me more likely to get abused?

  • Alcoholism – Someone who abuses alcohol usually does not have control over his/her actions and is more likely to abuse you.
  • Drug Abuse – Drugs tend to change how the brain works which affects someone’s self control and ability to make good and right decisions. So someone who abuses drugs is more likely to abuse you.
  • Lack of Education – Without enough knowledge, someone may not be able to care for the you properly or they may act in a harmful way.
  • Poverty – Sometimes if persons do not have enough money to buy things and to live comfortably, they may feel frustrated and may take out their frustration in unhealthy manners like being abusive. They might also not be able to provide all the things that a child needs.
  • Being a single parent and/or teenage parent– Sometimes the pressures of having to provide for someone else particularly a baby all by yourself may cause someone to get stressed out and sometimes lose control.
  • Depression or other mental illness – Some people who are not well emotionally or mentally and who are unable to cope with any stress that may arise, may become upset and may choose to abuse.
  • Low self esteem – Sometimes someone does not feel good about themselves but they feel power from certain acts of abuse.  They may do so to help them deal with how they are feeling even if it is wrong.


If you think you are at risk of being abused tell an adult you trust like a relative, a teacher or a neighbour or you can call us at ChildLine at 800-4321 or 131.




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