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World Day Against Child Labour

  • 2 min read

Approximately 160 million children around the world are forced to engage in jobs that deprive them of their education, jeopardise their well-being and deny them their most basic rights.” (UNICEF, 2020)

With the rise in awareness of child labour, it is important to fully distinguish between the terms ‘child work’ and ‘child labour’.

When a child is allowed to work without sustaining any negative consequence to their mental and physical development, it is considered child work. It is not unlawful for children to help with chores at home or aid their family with tasks at the family business. However, if these responsibilities jeopardise the child’s school performance or general well-being, it becomes a felonious act of child labour.

Child labour refers to work that deprives children of their childhood, potential, and right to respect. This type of labour is well hidden and flourishes under conditions of secrecy. This is why many children who are victims of child labour work in dismal environments. Mountains of research on child labour victims show that child labour has serious mental and physical repercussions such as lung diseases brought on by work in unmonitored and unsafe spaces; hearing impairments; emotional disorders such as PTSD and a helpless sense of despair as childhood ticks away during days spent selling in the streets and markets.

We urge the nation to not be fooled by those who wish to disguise these terrible acts under the pretence of child work. As the government continues to find ways to tackle this issue, let us do our part and help stop child labour.

Share this knowledge with your friends and family, speak up when there are cases of child labour within your community and be aware of the organisations that you can make reports to:

  • Labour Inspectorate Unit at 299-0300 option 3 or
  • Children’s Authority at 996
  • Childline at 800-4321 or 131 or our live webchat or WhatsApp at org or the My Child Line App
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