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Domestic Violence

What is Domestic Violence? In Trinidad and Tobago ,according to the Domestic Violence Act, 1999 “domestic violence” includes physical, sexual, emotional or psychological or financial abuse committed by a person against a spouse, child, any other person who is a member of the household, or dependant.   Types of Abuse that qualify as Domestic Violence…
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Emotional Abuse

What Is Emotional Abuse? Emotional abuse of a child is commonly defined as any behavior by parents or caregivers that affect a child’s cognitive, emotional, psychological or social development. Emotional abuse of a child is also known as psychological maltreatment.   Ways Emotional Abuse Can be Displayed A parent who is emotionally abusing a child…
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What is Child Neglect? Neglect is a pattern of failing to provide for a child’s basic needs, to the extent that the child’s well-being is damaged. A child can be neglected in three (3) basic areas - physical, education, and emotional.   Physical Neglect Can be seen in the following ways: Failure to provide adequate…
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Physical Abuse

Explanation of Physical Abuse Have you ever gotten punished for doing something wrong? Stealing, cheating or lying- these things usually get us into trouble.  We may get ‘licks,’ get banned from watching television, or even get lines to write.  The punishment we get when we did something wrong is called discipline.  Usually, we learn our lesson,…
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