Video Games

Types of Video Games

Video games were first introduced in the 1970s and have now become an invariable source of fun and entertainment for children. This virtual world has become a place of fantasy, where they are rewarded for every game they win. Nowadays, video games can be seen in almost all homes, with children having their own individual video game consoles and play stations. There are basically five varieties of video games including sports, general entertainment, fantasy violence, educational games and human violence.


Positive Effects of Video Games on Children

Video games that have educational content have been proven to have a positive effect on children. Such games make learning fun and entertaining. Even educational institutions encourage these kinds of games where children learn problem solving skills while playing. Research has found that all video games, including those that have violence need the children to think about ways and methods to reach their goals. This teaches them the ability to plan and handle complex situations.

Video games are interactive games where the child has to practice more and more in order to be the best. They go back to them again and again because it gives them a sense of achievement. Moreover, playing video games helps in the development of their perceptual, cognitive and motor skills and abilities.


Negative Effects of Video Games on Children

Although video games have certain advantages, studies have shown some negative effects of video games on children. Various research studies have shown a relation between aggressive behavior and playing video games that have violence in them. Indulging in games that have a lot of shooting and killing is said to increase the emotion of anger in children, leading to aggressive behavior in real life. Further, as their act of violence is rewarded in the world of gaming, they may become motivated to repeat it in real life. Video games hook the children to their consoles as repetitive playing and winning boosts their morale. They start feeling that shooting and killing are normal and do not even feel guilty about beating or clobbering siblings or peers.

Video games also have negative effects on the physical health of children. Sitting for hours before the video game consoles can increase the risk of obesity, muscular diseases and as well as skeletal and postural disorders in children. Other more severe health effects of video games include increased heart rate and blood pressure. Video games are definitely fun and entertaining and are also good for relieving tension. However too much indulgence, can lead to addiction to video games which can have physical as well as psychological effects on children.


The Wii

The Wii is a Nintendo home video console that uses infrared detection and 3D technology. The design allows users to control the game using physical actions as well as traditional button presses. The Wii allows the user to engage in actual physical activity and is interactive. This is different from typical video games and has been proven to burn more calories and raise heart rates more than playing a sedentary video game. While the gamers who use the Wii especially for Wii sports or Wii fit tend to break a sweat more than traditional video games there is no subsitute for playing the real sport.

The Wii is interactive and allows multiple players. As such persons can play virtual games with each other using their avatars which they could design to even look like themselves. The Wii addresses and negates many of the negative aspects of typical video games and is a great source of fun and exercise.



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