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Why Helplines Are So Special

  • 3 min read

This article was written in recognition of International Child Helpline (ICH) Day. ICH Day is dedicated to celebrating the work of child helplines and takes place on May 17th every year.   Have you ever wanted a safe space where you could anonymously share your concerns without fear of judgement or… 

Peer Pressure

  • 3 min read

So what is peer pressure? It is not uncommon to want to be a part of a group and feel like we belong in our community. Peers influence your life, even if you don’t realize it, just by spending time with you. You learn from them, and they learn from… 

How to Set Healthy Boundaries

  • 3 min read

When used wisely, words like “yes” and “no” can be empowering enough for you to communicate what you will and will not tolerate from others. In this article, we will discuss how to set healthy boundaries that will empower you to take charge of your life and reduce the risk… 

Tips on How to Manage Your Anger

  • 2 min read

Anger is a natural emotion that everybody experiences. Over the course of human history, anger has been used to mobilize the masses and is an important catalyst for social change and progress. However, if expressed without control or purpose, anger can be destructive and have negative repercussions. Here are some… 

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