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How to Make a Difference to Children and Youths in T&T

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In 2006, July was established as “National Make a Difference to Children Month” as part of a grass-root child protection campaign in the United States of America. This period is used to raise awareness about the vulnerabilities faced by children who do not have a guardian and/or role model in their lives. In observance of this month, we take this opportunity to share three ways in which you can help to make a difference to children and youths in T&T.

Educate Others About Child Protection Issues

Education and sensitisation play a major role in influencing societal change. You can help to make a difference for children and youths by educating others on how to identify and report child abuse; how to engage in healthy parent-child communication; and how to help others understand issues faced by children and youths, such as suicide and self-harm.

To take part in courses that provide information on culturally-relevant child protection and well-being topics, you can visit our ChildLine Learning website at   

Become Healthy Role Models

Children and youths are more likely to blossom into healthy, well-rounded adults when surrounded by capable and caring role models. Here are some qualities of positive role models:

  • An ability to see things from another person’s point of view
  • Looking at the positive side of things
  • A willingness to support others
  • Knowing how to manage your emotions

Ask yourself: “Do I have any of these qualities?”. If the answer is yes, work on maintaining them through practice, and if the answer is no, ask yourself what you can do to develop and improve them.

Donate to or Volunteer at Child Protection Organisations

You can provide direct assistance to vulnerable and at-risk children and youths in need by donating to or volunteering at child protection organisations. Trinidad and Tobago has various non-governmental organisations that provide support to children and youths, one of which is ChildLine. To donate to ChildLine, visit

If you are struggling with parenting and want to seek support, you can contact any of the following:

Ministry of Social Development and Family Services Hotline: 800-1MSD

The National Family Services Division: 794-7483 or 784-5538

Families in Action:  628-6333

If you believe that your child may be experiencing psychosocial issues, contact any of the following for support:

ChildLine: 800-4321 or 131

Children’s Authority: 800-2014 or 996

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