Substance Abuse


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Drinking in childhood is a serious problem Alcohol has a negative impact on health. Alcohol can damage every organ in your body, including your developing brain. Alcohol can affect your ability to co-ordinate movements, memory, and judgement. In addition to its negative impact on health, alcohol use among youth can lead to violence, risky sexual behavior, poor performance in school, alcohol-related driving incidents, and other harmful behaviors. Youth drinking alcohol has also been found to cause youthful deaths by drowning, suicide, and homicide. Children who drink alcohol before the age of 15 years are five times more likely than those… 

Drug Abuse

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What Are Drugs? A drug is a chemical that you take into your body, which changes your mood and the way you feel. There are drugs that your doctor gives you to make you better when you are ill, and there are drugs which are against the law to take.   Why do people take drugs? There are many reasons why people might take drugs. Some of the reasons that people give include: To look grown up or good in front of people. They like the thought of doing something dangerous Their friends are doing it Wanting to escape feelings… 


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Smoking is Harmful Smoking is one of the worst things children or adults can do to their bodies. Smoking cigarettes can harm almost every organ in your body, from top to bottom and inside and out. Yet every single day a lot of children start smoking. Often, people start smoking when they are young and can’t really think that far into the future to worry about an illness they might not get for many years. Within a short time people who smoke become addicted to harmful substances within the cigarette such as nicotine. The younger you are when you start…