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Problems with Friends

  • 2 min read


Friendships are a type of relationship.

Lasting friendships are built on:

  • Trust
  • Communication
  • Respect
  • Common interests


Sometimes we become upset if our usual friend plays with or talks to other children in school or in the neighbourhood. We might feel like our friend has abandoned us. We might not know why they aren’t playing with us instead.

First of all its OK for your friend to have other friends. If you think your friend does not want to talk to you, you could try to find out why.Maybe your friend wants to get to know other friends better. This is actually a good idea and you should try to form friendships with others too.  You can try asking to join in a game that another group of children are playing.

You can also try striking up a conversation with someone you haven’t talked to before. Maybe you did something that your friend did not like. You can try to talk this over with your friend. Maybe you need to apologise or explain to your friend why you behaved the way you did so your friend could understand.

A real friend does not:

  • Talk about you behind your back
  • Insult you or call you mean names.
  • Tell others your secrets.
  • Be rude to your other friends and family.
  • Ignore or belittle your interests.
  • Does not use you for only benefits that they can gain
  • Put pressure on you to do things that you know to be wrong
  • Take things without your permission


A real friend:

  • Respects you for who you are
  • Likes you just the way you are
  • Will talk and listen to any problems you may have.
  • Is caring and sharing
  • Encourages you to be the best that you can be


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