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Having Respect

Having respect means treating yourself, others and even the environment with kindness and consideration. It means taking care of yourself, and being aware of how your actions affect others. Respect is like a boomerang- if you throw respect out at the world, it will come right back to you. If you do not respect yourself or others, no one else will respect you either; and being respected and valued is a great feeling!


Respect for Yourself

Respect starts with respect for self. A person who respects themselves is confident and has a positive attitude. When you feel good about yourself, it will in turn affect the way you treat other people.

Here are some tips on how we can increase our self respect:

  • Choose your friends wisely – Surround yourself with people who are a good influence. You should want the best for yourself, and this means having friends who respect themselves and others as well.
  • Be true to yourself – Always remember your values. You know the difference between right and wrong. Do the right thing. Do not let people convince you to do things that you know are wrong, or to be someone you are not. Be honest and fair in everything you do.
  • Keep improving – No one is perfect, so don’t try to be. Instead, try to make yourself better. Do things that are good for you in some way. Exercise, study hard, pray, have a positive attitude….just to name a few.


Respect for others

Giving respect to others means valuing them and their thoughts and feelings. It also means acknowledging them, listening to them, being truthful with them, and accepting them and their differences. So, how do we respect others? There is one simple rule to follow:

“Do unto others, as you would have them do unto you.”

This means that we must treat everyone else the way we would like them to treat us. If you would like people to say ‘good morning’ when they see you, then you say ‘good morning’ when you see someone else. If you do not want anyone to call you names because you are different from them, then do not call anyone names, and accept those who are different from you.

Here are some other ways we can show respect to others:

  • Be a good listener – Do not interrupt someone while they are speaking- allow them to finish. Don’t just hear the words someone says to you, listen to the meaning behind them, and try to understand how they feel.
  • Use manners – Please, thank you, excuse me, good morning, I’m sorry……When we use our manners when talking to someone, we show that we care about their feelings, and we recognize their worth. Even opening the door for someone is good manners, and a sign of respect. Simple things such as paying attention during class, making eye contact with your teacher, and complete home work assignments are signs of respect for others.
  • Be considerate – Always keep in mind how your words and actions affect other people. Do not speak to others in a way that would hurt them. Try to imagine all the little ways that others can make you feel valued, like when someone helps you, and do those things for others.
  • Obey the rules – Obedience is one of the main ways we can show respect for others. We can find rules in any environment- national laws, school rules, rules at home, rules of a game. They are all meant to be followed. Breaking the rules is not only disrespectful to yourself, but to others as well.
  • Take care of others’ property – To damage someone else’s property is disrespectful. It shows them that we do not value their belongings. Do not take what is not yours and do not write on or use anything that does not belong to you without permission. When borrowing something from someone, ask for it politely, take good care of it, and return it in the same condition when you are finished.


Respect for the Environment

The environment is everything around you that makes up planet earth- air, soil, water, plants and even animals We respect our environment by taking good care of it. Here’s what you can do to show respect for the environment:

  • Don’t Litter: Put your garbage in a bin!
  • Recycle: Newspapers, bottles, plastic, aluminum can go in recycle bins
  • Be Kind to animals, do not be cruel to them or do anything that can harm them


To respect someone or something is to acknowledge its value!




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