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Self Esteem

  • 3 min read

What is Self Esteem?

Self esteem means the way we feel about ourselves. It is your opinion of yourself. For most of us, sometimes we feel good, sometimes we feel not so good. When you have high self esteem, you believe in yourself, you feel that you have a lot to offer the world.  It gives you the confidence to try new things and helps you become independent. But if you think that everyone else is better than you, or nobody likes you, or if you just feel badly about yourself, you may have low self esteem.


Where does Self Esteem come from?

How you feel about yourself is influenced both by your achievements, like grades or being good at different things, and through your interaction with others.


High Self Esteem

  • I am happy
  • I am a good person
  • I believe in myself
  • I respect myself
  • I encourage others
  • I have a lot to offer the world


Low Self Esteem

  • Everyone else is better
  • I am not good enough
  • I am a failure
  • I am unhappy
  • Nobody likes me
  • I don’t fit in


People who have low self esteem may do things to try to make themselves feel better, like bullying and making fun of others, or even engage in activities which are dangerous to themselves.


Increasing Your Self Esteem

No one should have to live with low self esteem.  If you feel badly about yourself, try these tips:


Think about your positive qualities

These are things that you like about yourself.  You can even make a list.  For example:

  • I help others
  • I share
  • I am friendly


Set goals

Choose something you want to do, and try really hard to do it.  When you do, you will feel good about yourself.  For example:

  • Read a book in 2 weeks
  • Help with chores at home
  • Get better grades


Focus on your achievements

Be proud of everything you have accomplished- the big things and the little things.  Make a list of the things you have done that are important to you. The list will be longer than you think! For example:

  • I passed my exam
  • I can draw well
  • I made my friend feel better


Accept yourself for who you are

Easier said than done?  No way.  There will always be things about us that we cannot change.  It may be a part of our body, height, weight or even our personality traits.  But the best thing you can do to increase your self esteem is to love yourself, no matter what. Always be your own biggest fan!

Don’t try to be perfect – just improve

None of us are perfect, so why try to be?  You should not aim to be perfect, but just try to be better and improve, so that you can be the best you

can be.  This also means that you should stop comparing yourself to others, and start learning from your mistakes.




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