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ChildLine aims to ensure that children in Trinidad & Tobago live in an environment free from physical, emotional, sexual and psychological violence.

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The ChildLine difference

ChildLine Ambassador Programme

The Ambassador Programme seeks to expand ChildLine’s presence in schools by introducing a program aimed at developing critical life skills such as communication, team-work and fostering leadership qualities in our nation’s youth.

Return to Happiness Programme

Return to Happiness (RTH) is a psychosocial recovery program developed by UNICEF for children who have experienced trauma from disaster, conflict or violence. 

Help for migrant children

Children on the move are vulnerable to a number of psychosocial trauma. ChildLine works closely with UN agencies to protect children on the move in Trinidad and Tobago. We do this by offering over-the-phone support, psychosocial counselling, and workshops with children at Child-Friendly Spaces (CFSs).

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