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Death of a Loved One

Death of A Loved One The loss of a parent or close family member can be devastating to children. They need help and support so that they can move on in a healthy balanced manner. The most important thing to recognize is that every child responds to death differently. It is OK for you to…
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Divorce / Separation

What is Separation? Separation is when two adults who live together, and who have been in a relationship decide to live apart. This can be temporary until they can work out problems or permanent where they go their separate ways. A divorce is an order of the Court declaring a marriage between two persons to…
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Family Relationships

The Importance of Family Relationships Family relationships are important as they help us interact with the wider social world. The family is where we first see how relationships work by observing our parents, our grandparents, siblings and other family members relate to each other. The quality of our family relationships impact upon the person we…
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What is Loneliness? Loneliness is a feeling where people experience emptiness and isolation. Loneliness is usually accompanied by feeling unwanted and unimportant. Feeling lonely from time to time is normal and sometimes people even experience a phase of loneliness. However, persistent loneliness can consume us and turn into feelings of despair. This can be depressing…
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