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Problems with Friends

  • 2 min read

Friendships Friendships are a type of relationship. Lasting friendships are built on: Trust Communication Respect Common interests   Sometimes we become upset if our usual friend plays with or talks to other children in school or in the neighbourhood. We might feel like our friend has abandoned us. We might… 

Conflict Management

  • 4 min read

Have you ever gotten into an argument or fight with someone?  Or had a quarrel with your best friend?  If you have, then you have experienced conflict.   Conflict is the disagreement between two or more persons who have different views. There are so many reasons why conflict may occur,… 

Deliberate Self Harm

  • 4 min read

What is Self Harm? Helmets, seatbelts, firemen….what do these things have in common? Well, they all protect us from harm.  We all try to protect ourselves and avoid things that are harmful to us. Sometimes, though, people may do things that are dangerous with the intention of causing harm and… 


  • 4 min read

What is Depression? There is nothing wrong with feeling sad and down sometimes. In fact, most of us feel ‘out of it’ at some point in time or another. These feelings are normal.  Things like an argument with a friend, a breakup, doing poorly on a test, or a best… 


  • 4 min read

Having Respect Having respect means treating yourself, others and even the environment with kindness and consideration. It means taking care of yourself, and being aware of how your actions affect others. Respect is like a boomerang- if you throw respect out at the world, it will come right back to… 

Self Esteem

  • 3 min read

What is Self Esteem? Self esteem means the way we feel about ourselves. It is your opinion of yourself. For most of us, sometimes we feel good, sometimes we feel not so good. When you have high self esteem, you believe in yourself, you feel that you have a lot… 


  • 5 min read

Pressure! I can’t handle this! This is how most of us would feel when we are stressed.  Stress is a feeling we may get when we are faced with a challenge.  It is a natural reaction when we feel threatened, or when something upsets our balance in some way.  … 


  • 4 min read

What is Suicide? Suicide is the process of purposely ending one’s own life.  It is serious problem faced by many teens around the world.  For many people, the thought of ending one’s own life seems scary or unreal.  But for some, suicide may seem like the only way out of… 


  • 3 min read

What is Anger? Have you ever felt like hitting something or someone?  Or maybe you threw something, cursed or started to cry?  Do you know what causes us to do those things? It’s anger.  Anger is a feeling, just like feeling happy, sad or scared.  We have all been angry… 


  • 3 min read

What is Disability? Disability is a term that is used to compare a person’s actual ability to normal ability. Most of the time, it is used to refer to an impairment. Disability can be grouped into four main types; physical, sensory, cognitive and mental. A person may be considered disabled… 

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